Watch the video of Marieke de Vrij, spiritual and social counsellor and author of the book NEW LIGHT ON DEMENTIA.

About the book

Dementia is a very timely theme in a society where some already refer to dementia as the epidemic of the 21st century. Dementia also increasingly affects young persons. Thus, we felt very strongly: action was needed. We felt it was crucial to translate the second book on dementia written by Marieke de Vrij into English. Her first book on this topic was published in 2002. Over the years, the demand for this book was such that it had to be reprinted several times. Since 2002, knowledge about dementia has expanded, among others, about how to prevent (the advance of) dementia. Here you find a new book, based on the new knowledge and insights, that was written and published in 2018. We are very happy that we can offer you an English translation of this e-book. Welcome to our website with movies to watch and free e-book and exercizes to download.

We are grateful for the support of the Fred Foundation and its founder Fred Matser. Their financial contribution made the translation and the free download of this book possible.

A number of experts were asked to read the preliminary version of the manuscript. Here you can read their recommendations.

Video in which Marieke tells us what we should and should not do if diagnosed with dementia.

Very important question. In this film Marieke gives already some suggestions. In the free download e-book you can read everything about the exercises and life-style conditions.


Why we want you to read this book

The insights described in this book are important, not only for those with dementia but also for society at large. Young(er) and middle-aged people can use this knowledge for the benefit of their own parents, family, but also for their own benefit. When people are taught at an early age to process what daily comes on their path, this is beneficial to their health and (advance of) dementia can in many cases be prevented.

Spread the word and share the book
We would like for everyone to be able to read, learn and talk about this book and exercises. And even more important: to benefit from its insights and wisdom. That is our passionate dream. So please, feel free to share this with all who can benefit, who work in the field, family and friends of people with dementia. In a nutshell: everybody. Spread the word. Thanks!

Help us to do the work
We are very happy that we can offer you this book and exercises for free. We dream of doing more research. Check out our plans for research. If you want to support our work, feel free to make a donation! It is very much appreciated. We feel it is also important for you to know that all donations are explicitly spend on bringing new inspirations into the world, we hope to stimulate growing awareness, so you can become your full potential and serve the world. Thank you!

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