About Marieke and her work

Marieke de Vrij (1953) is a spiritual and social counsellor who inspires many to extend their current (professional) knowledge and expand their awareness.

Marieke wishes to bring back inspiration in society and to make sustainable progress by doing so. She wishes to help shape broad social developments and initiates innovation in various fields. This she does by giving advice, talks, trainings, seminars, workshops and symposia, as well as by writing books on different topics. She also offers theme-oriented group consultations in various areas of expertise for individuals, companies, government institutions, healthcare institutions and other public groups.

Marieke has exceptionally clear and subtle abilities which enable her to feel the collective and individual consciousness and its potential in a nuanced way.

About her language
When reading the book and listening to Marieke you will notice the slightly different word usage she uses. She introduces her very own words and her sentence structure is not always easy at first sight. This special use of language refers to multiple energetic layers and has a deep emotional meaning. Words often return to their most original meaning. It is not always easy to simplify this language because much of the value of the insights that have been provided may otherwise be lost.

Given the language used, it is important that the reader reads the text several times in order to enable a deeper understanding.

Spread the word and share the book
We would like for everyone to be able to read, learn and talk about this book and exercises. And even more important: to benefit from its insights and wisdom. That is our passionate dream. So please, feel free to share this with all who can benefit, who work in the field, family and friends of people with dementia. In a nutshell: everybody. Spread the word. Thanks!

Help us to do the work
We are very happy that we can offer you this book and exercises for free. We dream of doing more research. Check out our plans for research. If you want to support our work, feel free to make a donation! It is very much appreciated. We feel it is also important for you to know that all donations are explicitly spend on bringing new inspirations into the world, we hope to stimulate growing awareness, so you can become your full potential and serve the world. Thank you!

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