Fred Matser, founder and chairman of the Fred Foundation
I have know Marieke de Vrij for about 30 years. In the Netherlands Marieke is quite well known, alas, not yet so much in the international arena. She is an extraordinary human being: apart from being very kind and loving, Marieke uses language in a very original and clear way. Her ability to discern and not judge is quite unique. Over the many years she has published her views on a wide range of subjects varying from cultural diversity to personal awareness and leadership. This time her focus is on dementia. In her book ‘New light on Dementia’ she expresses a new insight on the meaning of dementia. An insight that doesn’t come from fear or pity, but from love. Maybe there is a lesson for all of us to learn when we look at people with dementia or other illnesses. The lesson might be not to project our own fearful thoughts in the other person but to send them love while accepting the state of their physical, emotional and spiritual health. May this book give you a deeper and better understanding of the meaning of dementia specifically and of life in general.

Boukje van Hettema, registered nurse
This book is written beautifully and puts dementia in a totally different light. It broadens the current view about the causes of dementia and how to deal with persons suffering from dementia. It shows what steps you can take to prevent dementia or its advance.

Pim van Lommel, cardiologist, author of the bestseller ‘Consciousness beyond Life’
In our society today dementia is a topic still surrounded by much fear and ignorance. In this special book deeper insights into the spiritual meaning of dementia are given: dementia may well be a meaningful process of coming to terms with life events. Furthermore, extensive and detailed information is provided on the important role that family and other caretakers can have to help guide and alleviate this process in a respectful and understanding way. I warmly recommend the book.

Vincent de Jong, medical practitioner 
Reading this book indeed opens another dimension of looking at dementia. This dimension takes hold of you as it alters the way you look at dementia, it alters your own interaction with persons suffering from dementia and it stimulates you to carefully consider the way you handle your own processes in life.

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We would like for everyone to be able to read, learn and talk about this book and exercises. And even more important: to benefit from its insights and wisdom. That is our passionate dream. So please, feel free to share this with all who can benefit, who work in the field, family and friends of people with dementia. In a nutshell: everybody. Spread the word. Thanks!

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