To the website of De Vrije Mare (in Dutch)

De Vrije Mare is the name of the foundation that supports, processes and spreads the work of Marieke de Vrij. The aim of the foundation is to contribute to positive social renewal. The organization is mainly run by volunteers. We edit, translate and publish the inspirations and distribute them through our website in articles, audio, film and books. The work of Marieke de Vrij gives inspiration to the heart, and thus helps to create social progress and innovation. In this way, we hope to provide insights as well as new prospects.

This English version of the original book and website is a first for us. We hope that in the future we can translate more work from Marieke into English. The inspirations are such a source of wisdom, that we wish to share them with the whole world. As you will understand, this takes energy and time. Of course, we are already doing a great deal to get it all done. If you like to help us with this, please send us an e-mail?


Spread the word and share the book
We would like for everyone to be able to read, learn and talk about this book and exercises. And even more important: to benefit from its insights and wisdom. That is our passionate dream. So please, feel free to share this with all who can benefit, who work in the field, family and friends of people with dementia. In a nutshell: everybody. Spread the word. Thanks!

Help us to do the work
We are very happy that we can offer you this book and exercises for free. We dream of doing more research. Check out our plans for research. If you want to support our work, feel free to make a donation! It is very much appreciated. We feel it is also important for you to know that all donations are explicitly spend on bringing new inspirations into the world, we hope to stimulate growing awareness, so you can become your full potential and serve the world. Thank you!

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